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Code: PCC 20/108 ACT Awareness (Action Counters Terrorism) (v2.0.3)

ACT Awareness eLearning is a new Counter Terrorism awareness product created by National Counter Terrorism Security Office for all UK based companies and organisations.

Code: PCC 19/086 Autism Developing Understanding and Implementing Practical Approaches (v1)

It is important that autism is better recognised and understood, enabling inclusion, independence and well-being for people on the autism spectrum.

This module will provide information and practical suggestions to enable people who are on the autism spectrum, families, friends, colleagues and professionals, to adopt an approach which embraces difference and enables positive change.

This eLearning has been created by Autism Hampshire on behalf of the four local authorities - Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth.

Code: PCC 18/060 Microsoft Office eLearning

The Microsoft Office Training Centre offers guidance for most Office applications, including:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • OneNote
  • Access
  • Visio

Click Here to access the training centre.

NOTE: The guidance refers to Office 365, but the guidnce is valid for all equivalent Office 2010 and Office 2016 applications.


All material for these courses are provided and maintained by Microsoft.

Code: PCC 21/051 Modern Slavery (Hants and IOW MSP)

Modern slavery within the UK remains a significant threat to our society and the number of victims being identified continues to increase each year with children and adults being repeatedly exploited in heinous crimes. 

The Modern Slavery Partnership has been running successfully across Hampshire, IOW, Portsmouth and Southampton since its creation in 2015 to raise awareness, pursue perpetrators and support victims of modern slavery. The Partnership has produced this e-learning resource as an introduction for front line professionals to this area.  This unit should ideally be combined with further reading and face to face training where available.


This course uses videos. You will require headphones or a quiet place to take this e-learning.

Code: PCC 19/035 Responding to Domestic Abuse (v1.00)


Many staff at Portsmouth City Council and our partner organisations work with individuals who could be the victims or perpetrators of domestic abuse.

This course aims to raise awareness of what domestic abuse is and how to respond when you have concerns for an individual or family relating to domestic abuse.

This course is appropriate for all staff, and especially those who work directly with the public.