Managing Performance in a Hybrid Team

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Claire Sidney
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NHS / CCG / PCC Staff
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Training for CCG Managers / Training for PCC Managers / Gosport Borough Council
Developing Practice / Management and Leadership Skills / Personal Development / Wellbeing
Course description

Managing the performance of a virtual or hybrid team has been one of the most difficult adjustments for our managers to make since the start of the pandemic. Drawing on the most recent research and best practice, this virtual workshop aims to provide managers with useful tools and techniques to take away and practise with their teams.

Training objectives

To help managers to manage the performance of their hybrid working team.
The focus of the workshop will be on effective skills and behaviours for managers, specifically:

  • Clarifying the link between purpose and performance

  • Identifying obstacles to performance management that hybrid arrangements present

  • Performance management tools and techniques

  • Effective performance conversations

  • The role of leadership during change

Learning outcomes

Managers take a lead by:

  • supporting a team culture of continuous improvement and learning

  • modelling openness to experimentation and new ways of doing things

  • provide their people with air cover by taking the hit when things go wrong

Additional Information
Start Date
Thursday 23 June 2022
End Date
Thursday 23 June 2022
Closing Date
Wednesday 22 June 2022
13:00 - 16:00
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