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Robert Hodges
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Target Audience
All Staff
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External E-learning
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Training for PCC Staff / Comensura / Training for PCC Managers / Gosport Borough Council / Skill Boosters / Internal Temp Agency / PCC Placements / Solent NHS / Student Social Workers
Apprenticeships / Children's Social Care / External eLearning / Health Safety and Wellbeing / Management and Leadership Skills / Personal Development / Wellbeing
Course description

Please note this is not a bookable course.  Click this link to visit the eLearning page to access the courses described below:

Skill Boosters are a collection of e-learning course giving practical advice in the workplace using video technology. The videos are dramatised and also include lived experience.

Each learning ranges from between 15 minutes to an hour long.

Titles include:

Making Teams Work

Emotional Intelligence

Wellbeing (Managing Stress)

Micro Behaviours

Benter in the Workplace 

To access Skills Booster e-learning please visit the e-learning section of PLG.

Training objectives
Learning outcomes

To access Skills Booster e-learning click here or visit the e-learning section of PLG.

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Saturday 30 December 2023
09:00 - 09:30
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